5 Storage Ideas For Your New Kitchen

Over the years you stockpile food, cooking utensils, pots and pans and plastic containers. Somehow you manage to squeeze them all into your current kitchen. When you make the decision to update and put in a new kitchen you break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it! It seems impossible that you will be able to re-house everything in new kitchen.

"Don't Panic" we are here to help. There are so many clever storage systems that will house everything but, in a way, that you can access them. Every year the cabinetry and joinery introduce new products. We keep up to date with what is available and can advise you on the best storage solutions for your kitchen. 

1. Waste Systems

Storage of household and kitchen waste has become rather elaborate lately. If you are a keen recycler you will be separating your waste into at least 5 containers. Paper, Plastic & Metals; Glass; Soft Plastics; Organics and general waste. So, consideration of a good bin system for your new kitchen is imperative.

2. Small pantry additions with big impact 

Make your pantry work really hard by adding small features that have huge impact. In a straight-line pantry add some wire baskets or inner drawers below the fixed shelf.

Set the shelves back and add wire baskets and hooks to the backs of the doors.

Include some vertical slots to store baking trays and platters.

Add some lighting with a sensor switch.

 3. Clever storage for oils, utensils and spices

The Blum Antaro Bottle Set in an oversized drawer is an amazing addition to a kitchen for a serious cook. The high fronted drawer has a removable stainless-steel base 300mm wide for your oils to be stored next to the cooktop. By oversizing the width, you get a space to store your chopping boards vertically in your cooking/prep zone of the kitchen. We include two inner drawers above this, which can be used to store herbs and spices using the Blum Spice storage racks or your cooking utensils. Everything pulls out and will is easy to see and access.

4. Corner Cabinets and clever ideas  

Just thinking about corner cabinets in older kitchens is enough to make you shudder with horror. What could be lurking in the dark depths of the cabinet?

Don't panic though, we now have some great ways of improving access to corner cabinets. 

5. Pull out storage systems 

There are pull out storage systems for base, wall and tall cabinets. Pull out pantries are probably the most well known and they come in various forms.

Base pull outs can improve access and storage in many ways.