With hundreds of realistic stone structures, wood grains and neutral solid colours, Laminate Benchtops offer the largest choice of colour and texture. They are the most cost-effective bench to have.

Laminate benchtops can be finished with different edge details. The standard edge will be a postformed 6mm/ 10mm radius. Alternatively, you may choose to have an ABS edge or a square edge. Your designer will be able explain the pros and cons of each.

Laminate tops cannot be used outside or for undermount sinks or basins.


Engineered quartz surfaces have exceptional hard-wearing properties - created from up to 93% natural quartz aggregates, organic pigments and enhanced polymer resins.

Like natural stone, quartz surfaces, or engineered stone as it is otherwise known, has an equally long lifespan. It will not crack or chip as easily as granite or slate and does not require regular sealing like natural stone.

Engineered stone tops can be used in undercover Alfresco areas where they will be protected from the elements. A stone top is a must if you are having undermounted sinks or basins.


Timber benchtops are an old favourite. A hardwood is laminated together to form the benchtop. It is sealed with a hard-wax oil or a clear polyurethane. There many popular species used, the most common being Tasmanian Oak and Blackwood. Timber will change colour over time.

Complete Style Joinery Ballarat Benchtops


Porcelain is highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light and will not fade or degrade over time making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Porcelain is the most scratch resistant surface on the market and while the slip of a knife won’t damage it, cutting boards are still recommended to protect your household utensils.

While other surfaces are stain resistant, Porcelain is completely Stain Proof. Even the most stubborn stains like wine, coffee, markers and rust can easily be removed from the surface. Since Porcelain has extremely low porosity and contains no resins, it is chemical resistant. Drips or splashes of common household chemicals like bleach, drain cleaners or oven degreasers won’t harm it.


As the consummate, long-lasting, low-maintenance, decorative panel, Compact laminate is a go-to product for the most demanding professional interior and external joinery environments. It’s totally impervious to water and has outstanding impact, stain and wear resistance, along with excellent hygienic properties. Characterised by a distinctive black core.


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